This stunning venue is perfect if you are looking to deliver a unique event experiences.
We are ready to cater you for special celebration such as Wedding, Engagement,  Birthday, 17 th party, Mini Exhibiton, Product Launching, etc

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Provides spacious and bright space for your social event, great ambience to deliver your meet & greet.


The great place for birthday event customization, with two floors that can suit your parties. Other venue features include contemporary wooden art displays, standard sound system, and green plants.


Wedding day is one of the most special and important day in our life. Just imagine how romantic and warm it is when you bring out the wedding party in the right place. Here we suggest you to choose Kayu Kayu Restaurant as your adorable and romantic wedding venue.

photo & video shoot

People nowadays really like to create their social media be a great feed with a great pictures and videos. Kayu Kayu Restaurant is the perfect location to support your creativity, with many spots inside you can feel the different vibe.

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